Plugin Examples

Plugins are bundled in tom-select.complete.js but can also be loaded individually. To load individually, include tom-select.base.js and any combination of plugins of your choosing. The plugin documentation has more information about custom bundles and plugin development.

Control Input

Plugins that modify the behavior and/or display of the control input.

Positions the control input in the select dropdown.
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Input Autogrow

Increase the width of the input as users type.
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Caret Position

Order matters sometimes. Use the and arrow keys to move the caret between items.
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Plugins that modify the behavior and/or display of items (selected options).

Remove Button

Adds one-click removal of each item.
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No Backspace Delete

Prevents the user from removing items with backspace and delete keys unless items are active. Use with no_active_items to disable deleting with keyboard events entirely.
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Drag Drop

Allows users to sort items with drag-n-drop.
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Restore on Backspace

Fills the control input with the value of deleted items upon deletion.
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Clear Button

Adds a small button to the right side of the control that, when clicked, removes all of the items (selected options).
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No Active Items

Disables selecting items.
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Plugins that modify the behavior and/or display of the dropdown content.

Checkbox Options

Displays checkboxes next to each option in the dropdown.
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Optgroup Columns

Divides option groups into columns and allows users to navigate columns with left and right keys.
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Adds a customizable header to the select dropdown.
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Virtual Scroll

Loads remote data as users scroll through dropdown
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Change Listener

Updates the value of the Tom Select instance when the value of the underlying <input> element changes.
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